FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I store items temporarily during my move?

Yes, Ray The Mover provides secure storage solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Naples, FL, Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding areas. These options are great for residential customers that are moving into a new house or commercial clients that need to store equipment and furniture during an office remodel. We can work with just about any option for short-term or long-term storage needs.


What time of year is the best time to move?

The “peak season’ for movers is during the Summer months (June- September) and this is where there us a higher demand for trucks, equipment, and personnel. It is understandable, as this is the time of year that children are out of school and many people are more capable of using their vacation time to move. If it is possible for you to move during the “off season”, that may be more favorable. The best option is to contact our office so that we can discuss your timeline to help you find the perfect move date.


When should I start planning my move?

If you have an idea of when you need to move, contact us today so that we can help you begin planning the move right away. The earlier, the better, but we usually suggest 1-3 months ahead of time, though 2-3 weeks is fairly common as well.


Are you capable of packing dishes & other breakable items?

Yes, Ray the Mover’s professional packers and movers are capable of packing any items that you need moved.


Who should I contact if I have questions during my move?

You will be assigned a dedicated move coordinator to help plan your move, but you can contact anyone in our office to help with any questions by calling (239) 204-4892.


Is it possible to get a moving estimate ahead of time?

Yes, contact us today and we will have a member of our team come to your house to do an inspection of your house and the items that need moved so that we can give you free moving quote.


Can I leave/pack my clothes in their dresser drawers?

Yes, any lightweight clothes (shirts, pants, undergarments, etc..) can be left in their dresser drawers. We do ask that you please do not pack any heavy items like books or household items into drawers, as it can put too much strain on them and possibly lead to them breaking during transport.


Do I need a moving estimate?

We do recommend that you get a moving estimate, as all moves are completely different and therefore can range in cost. Providing an estimate also helps us determine how many movers will be needed for the move and how much time it will take, therefore allowing us to help you plan the move and give you and estimated timeline.


Should I plan on being at the house when the movers arrive?

Yes, you should make plans to be present at your home during the move and then also at your destination point when the movers arrive there with your items. This gives us our mover the opportunity to ask you questions, if needed. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure items are being moved properly and being placed where you would like them to be at your destination.


How is my furniture protected during the move?

Upholstered furniture like recliners and couches are wrapped in heavyweight clear stretch wrap that will prevent those items from being soiled. Tables, chairs, hutches, and other furniture may be wrapped as well to keep drawers shut, but they will be loaded with either padding or moving blankets in between them to prevent scratching and damage.